Exhibition stand construction

Would you appreciate not having to check on the progress of your exhibition stand in every phase?

When you leave building of your stand to Messeforum’s professionals, we take responsibility for your stand and all other associated trade fair issues, like technical orders, catering and even the presentation of your own products, if you desire. We take care of all the stages of stand construction and manage everything so that you are free to concentrate on everything else and can just arrive to the ready-made exhibition stand in peace.

Messeforum is the best friend of your company’s trade fair manager.

A straight-forward, service-minded stand builder guarantees you peace of mind

When it comes to building exhibition stands, it goes without saying that the process needs to be high-quality, expert and on schedule. We emphasise a high level of service and a service-minded approach, which runs though the entire trade fair or exhibition project. This is something our customers value and thank us for.

Messeforum’s slogan is “The Best Exhibition Service”. This means that

  • we stick to what has been agreed
  • we deal with any surprises that arise in a professional way and resolve them inventively
  • we save our customers as much trouble as possible
  • we constantly work to help and support our customers and deal with issues before they happen, even if they don’t always fall within our remit
  • we don’t just build your stand; where necessary, we take care of all your trade fair preparations
  • we are on the spot checking the progress of building your stand
  • we are also on the spot on at least the first day of the fair, or where necessary throughout the fair, to help and make sure that everything goes to plan
  • we are responsible for the results of our work, looking you in the eye and openly taking responsibility

Messeforum specialises in designing and building customised exhibition stands. Whether the stands that suit your company’s needs are, for example, individual booths of a few tens of square metres or pavilions of hundreds of square metres, or something in between, we always implements them with the same care, service attitude and at a pre-agreed price.

Messeforum’s exhibition stand is always a responsible choice as it is completely carbon neutral.

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