Exhibition stand design

Looking for a good, functioning stand that meets all your needs?

A good stand attracts the attention of visitors and boosts the visibility and memorability of your company’s brand. It supports your company’s aims at the exhibition and makes it easier for you to do your job. A good stand also comes in within budget.

Ask Messeforum Oy to design a good stand that’s also carbon neutral and thus an eco-friendly choice!

Tips and ideas for a good stand from an exhibition expert

When designing your stand, we first analyse your company’s needs and aims and establish your available budget. After that, we bring our solid experience and ideas to the table. We know the practical demands that different exhibition centres make of stands and how to design a good stand that works well for your business within these parameters.

Our inventive designers are experts in stand building techniques in practice. This means we are also able to suggest alternatives and ways of achieving the same ideas at different prices. In today’s exhibitions, digital technology comes into play and our experts can also design new kinds of digital solutions for your stand that support your aims. 

The end result of the design stage is a 3D-modelled stand plan with a specification of furniture and solutions. We can then fine-tune your design with you to make sure that all the individual details meet your needs, producing a functioning trade fair stand that is perfect in every respect.

Once we have agreed the final design and its cost, you can leave the rest to us and simply enjoy attending your trade fair.

A trade fair stand isn’t just about stand construction, it’s a complete service

From exporter to exhibition stand expert – where we came from and how we grew!

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