Digital exhibition stands

Wouldn’t it be handy if your colleagues left behind at the office could still take part in negotiations on your exhibition stand? Would you like your managing director to turn up at the fair without having to travel? Are you looking for new kinds of product demos for your stand?

We can make all this happen! Allow Messeforum to conceptualise digital and AI solutions for your stand.

New ideas for exhibition stand using digital solutions

Digital is the new normal for exhibitions. Nothing is going to take away from the power of traditional face-to-face meetings on your exhibition stand but modern technology offers lots of additional opportunities to support this. When it comes to exhibition stand digitalisation, Messeforum Oy is one of the forerunners in the business!

Augmented reality and virtual technologies offer almost unlimited opportunities to take working on your exhibition stand to a whole new level.

New technological solutions for your stand enable people who aren’t present to visit the exhibition remotely, for example. Presentations, product displays, stand events and demos to attract customers also gain a new boost from AI solutions.

Ask Messeforum for a trailblazing solution for digital exhibition stand and booth design and realisation!

All our exhibition stands are also automatically carbon neutral. Be ahead of the curve with us and order a carbon neutral stand, that also makes the most of the best digital opportunities.


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