Carbon neutral exhibition stand

Messeforum’s carbon neutral exhibtion stand is an environmentally friendly and responsible choice. When you order exhibition stand constructions from Messeforum, the stand in automatically carbon neutral.

On our carbon neutral exhibition stand’s theme page, you can read more about the benefits of a carbon neutral exhibtion stand for your company. You also get to know what has been taken into account in the carbon neutral exhibition stand and how carbon neutrality has been achieved.

Read more about the carbon neutral exhibition stand

Choose a responsible exhibition stand builder who takes care of the carbon neutrality of your stand

We measure the carbon dioxide emissions of our exhibition stands precisely in accordance with the standards, from the materials of the stand to our team’s travel and accommodation. We minimize the emissions in many ways in different stages of the trade fair project. The rest of the emissions, which are impossible for us to influence, we offset entirely and reliably by byuing emission allowances off from the EU’s Emission Trading System (EU ETS) so that total emissions in Europe are genuinely and truly reduced.

Your company always receives a verified third-party certificate from us to show that the greenhouse gas emissions of your exhibition stand are zero. You can use the certificate, for example, to tell about your company’s responsibility at trade fairs.

Be a trailblazer with us and take over an environmentally friently competitive andvantage by ordering your company’s exhibition stand from Messeforum.


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