Own domain and website for the carbon neutral exhibition stand

Our new theme site contains all the important information about Messeforum's carbon neutral exhibition stand.

Now you can find all the information about Messeforum’s carbon neutral exhibition stand under one domain on our new theme page.

What does carbon neutrality mean? How can it be achieved in stand construction? What is a carbon neutral exhibition stand like? What are the benefits of a carbon neutral stand for our customers?

Among other things, we focus on these questions on the theme page. The page will be updated with in-depth information about the carbon neutral exhibition stand and current issues related to carbon neutrality.

The theme page can be found in four languages:

English: carbonneutralstand.eu

German: klimaneutralermessestand.de

Swedish: klimatneutralmassmonter.se

Finnish: hiilineutraalimessuosasto.fi

Please visit the sites, get to know the topic and order a carbon neutral exhibition stand for you company from Messeforum.

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