An autumn packed with exhibition stands

The whole Messeforum exhibition stand team have been having a busy time recently running trade fair construction projects around the world. Since autumn 2021 we have built already 115 carbon neutral exhibition stands

The whole Messeforum exhibition stand team have been having a busy time recently running trade fair construction projects around the world. Summer and autumn have been our busiest period for stand building, a welcome development in the wake of COVID-19.

Our last blog already feels a little out of date. In April, I said that since autumn 2021 we had managed to produce around thirty carbon neutral exhibition stands. (All Messeforum stands are now carbon neutral). Now, a year on, the number of carbon neutral stands we have built has already reached 115, with some more carbon neutral stand construction projects still to complete by the end of this year.

In this context, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful customers who have ordered their stands from us at Messeforum. We are delighted to have been able to manage your trade fair projects! And we are pleased that this has enabled us to do our bit for sustainable development at trade fairs and exhibitions around the world.

Overjoyed to provide the best exhibition service

After the coronavirus pandemic, new challenges have arisen due to the global situation, which unfortunately have directly hit trade fair attendees, for example in the form of increased material costs. Despite this, and given this fact, we are delighted that there has been greater demand for Messeforum’s service-minded and honest approach than ever before. Now if ever, it makes sense to spend trade fair budgets sensibly with a reliable and genuinely service-oriented exhibition partner.

Tapojärvi Oy’s HR Coordinator Pia Ruokamo, who organises the company’s attendance at fairs. has this to say about working with us:

“I’m extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Messeforum. Right from the first contact, Messeforum made our project its own, thanks to its managing director. We immediately felt we could trust our new stand builder. Everything to do with our stand project was carried out quickly and to high quality and the end result was a stylish stand where we were pleased to receive our customers. Our contact Sari was pleasant to work with and there were no complications. I especially appreciate the way I didn’t have to focus on the technical details such as booking the electrics and the cleaning. Sari took care of all that. Another important point is the fact that Messeforum’s stands are carbon neutral. This excellently supports our environmental values and our role as a provider of circular economy solutions to industry.”

Tapojärvi Oy is a satisfied customer for Messeforum carbon neutral exhibition stands

“Every marketing manager will be familiar with the stress of organising attendance at a fair or exhibition. Our first ever stand at SIAL in Paris was a stress-free project though, thanks to Messeforum and especially Stefan who took care of everything for us,” Atria’s Marketing Manager Hanna Holtinkoski says.

Carbon neutral exhibition stand by Messeforum

This is exactly what Messeforum’s slogan “The Best Exhibition Service” means. Once our customers have given us a mandate to produce their stand, they can relax. Messeforum creates an exhibition stand or booth exactly as agreed.

We also take care of all the little details that arise, and any major issues too, from the ordinary routine things to surprises and the complications that always happen at exhibitions that no-one could have foreseen in advance. While Messeforum picks up all the threads, customers are free to concentrate on their own sales at the fair. Messeforum is much more than just a stand builder.

You can read more customer comments from Tapojärvi, Atria and our other customers on our website.

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