Carbon Neutral Stands

Protecting our environment together

Order your trade fair stand from Messeforum and you’ll get a stand that’s totally carbon neutral! Messeforum’s carbon neutral stand shows that your engagement in trade fairs and exhibitions is climate positive. We also give you a certificate from a reliable body to show that the carbon emissions of your stand are a big clean zero. You can use this certificate in your own branding.

Join us in being a trailblazer, demonstrate that you are taking responsibility on climate change, and gain a competitive edge by ordering your trade show stand from Messeforum!

Messeforum’s stand is automatically carbon neutral – first in Finland

When new trade fair projects start to get off the ground again after the coronavirus crisis, we will be providing Messeforum’s carbon neutral stand to all our stand construction customers in different parts of the world. Our service is unique: our customers get Messeforum’s carbon neutral trade fair stand automatically without having to order or invest in it separately.

Here at Messeforum we want to be responsible and do our bit to stop climate change. This is why we’re constantly seeking to improve by finding new ways to cut emissions and encourage a circular economy. We’re making our trade show stands carbon neutral by improving material efficiency and using renewable energy. Any emissions that we aren’t able to mitigate on our own will be completely compensated for using a reliable compensation channel based on a detailed emissions calculation. Our partner in calculating and analysing emissions, and selecting climate offset solutions is the expert company Clonet Oy, specialised in encouraging responsible, carbon neutral business and calculating carbon footprints.

Join us in working together for the climate and make sure your trade fair stand is a carbon neutral stand from Messeforum.

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