Carbon Neutral Exhibition Stands

Messeforum’s stand, your carbon neutral exhibition forum

Messeforum’s exhibition stands are always carbon neutral. When you order your stand from Messeforum Oy, you automatically get unique added value – you are helping to save our climate.

Messeforum’s carbon neutral stand shows that your engagement in trade fairs and exhibitions is climate positive. We also give you a certificate from a reliable body to show that the greenhouse gas emissions of your stand are zero. You can use this certificate in your own branding.

Join us in being a trailblazer, demonstrate that you are taking responsibility on climate change, and gain a competitive edge by ordering your exhibition stand from Messeforum!

Watch at our video of what our CEO Arto Varanki has to say about the carbon neutral exhibition stand.

The emissions of our carbon neutral stands are analysed in detail

Messeforum’s carbon neutral stand is founded on Messeforum’s climate strategy and detailed analysis of the emissions caused by our operations. Our partner in calculating and analysing emissions is the expert company Clonet Oy, specialised in encouraging responsible, carbon neutral business and calculating carbon footprints.

We have worked with Clonet Oy to survey the sources of emissions in designing, building and dismantling our stands. Our carbon footprint has been calculated using the carbon footprint platform developed by Clonet and applying its extensive database. The calculations are based on emission calculation standards.

The calculation of our carbon footprint incorporates all sources of emissions, including construction materials, furniture and equipment and their transport, the electricity used in the stand, business travel involved in construction on site and transporting waste for waste treatment when the stand is dismantled.

Our carbon neutral stand has a carbon footprint of zero

We reduce the emissions caused by our stands by improving the efficiency of our use of materials, choosing low-emission materials and encouraging a circular economy. We re-use materials and furniture as far as possible, while ensuring that our exhibition stands are always stylish and of high quality.

The electricity used in our stands is always from renewable energy sources where available. The waste from dismantling our stands is sorted and processed in line with the exhibition centres’ recycling programmes.

At the same time, we are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint in all our operations, e.g. including our own office environment.

The emissions that we cannot mitigate ourselves through our choice of materials, recycling or other means, are entirely offset through a reliable offsetting channel using CO2esto’s Emissions Cutter. CO2esto buys emission allowances off from The EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), an officially monitored system. This guarantees that another operator in the EU must reduce its emissions so as to genuinely reduce emissions.

The end result is a stand whose carbon emissions are 0 grammes.

Messeforum’s carbon neutral stand is a unique opportunity to benefit the environment. Join us in working together for the climate and make sure your exhibition stand is a carbon neutral stand from Messeforum.

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